Open Play Hours:

Monday: 9 am – 4 pm

Tuesday: 9 am – 7 pm

Wednesday: 9 am – 7 pm

Thursday: 9 am – 7 pm

Friday: 9 am – 8 pm

Saturday: 9 am – 3 pm   Open for Birthday Parties/Special Events too!

Sunday: Closed for open play, Open for:  Birthday Parties/Special Events only

All day Saturday and Sunday available for parties and special events.



Every family that visits will be required to complete the Release of Liability Waiver Form . Feel free to print and bring it with you to save time. If you are bringing children with you that are not yours, you must bring a release form signed by the parents of the other children.

We are a socks only facility – both children and adults are required to wear socks.



There are NO CHARGES for adults or infants under one year.

Daily Open Play

$8 for the first child
$7 for each sibling

$9 per child

Adults and Infants under one year are FREE

Frequent Visit Punch Card

$65 for 10 visits

May be shared among siblings

Valid for One Year

Unlimited Play Pass

$140 for families with one child

$85 for each additional sibling

Valid for One Year


We have open play all day so you can visit when it is most convenient in your schedule. You will find the most appropriate ages for the indoor playground are children ages 0-8; however, we welcome older children who come with their family. There is no cost for adults and infants under one.

Our facility consists of more than ten thousand square feet of warehouse space converted into multiple play areas for children. Some of the fun things you will find include:

  • An enormous wooden play set with slides, tunnels, rock wall, clubhouse, and much more
  • A toddler play set – perfect for children three and under to climb and slide
  • Playhouses
  • Infant tables and push toys
  • Riding toys
  • Bouncy House
  • Balls of every shape and size (along with basketball hoops)
  • Bring in your own snacks and drinks


The Backyard Bistro
The Big Backyard also features a snack area with a variety of food choices for adults and children. Menu items include pizza, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, mac n cheese, Tator tots, crackers, fruit cups, granola bars, cookies, dried fruit, snack nut mixes, applesauce cups, go go squeezes, candy bars, fruit snacks, freshly popped popcorn, juice boxes, bottled water, sparkling water, soda, iced tea and much more. You will find our prices extremely reasonable.

For the parents and caregivers, we have fresh brewed coffee, tea, hot apple cider, and hot chocolate.

Hot items:

Individual 7” cheese pizza:  $4.50

Cheese 12” pizza:  $10

Sausage 12” pizza:  $10

Pepperoni 12” pizza:  $11

Deluxe 12” pizza:  $10

Pretzel Bites: $4.25

Nachos: $4.25

Mac N’ Cheese:  $4

Chicken Nuggets:  $4.25

Smiley Fries:  $4


Safety and Cleanliness
Safety is our number one priority in operating a business that caters to young children. Our facility is designed with age-appropriate equipment for multiple ages. The playground is one large area so that parents/caregivers are able to supervise multiple children at once. However, the infant/toddler area is away from the large play structure to maximize the safety and protection of the children. We have also installed safety surfacing under all of the play equipment to withstand falls from the appropriate fall heights and have allowed for a six foot perimeter around each of the play structures. Our facility is cleaned on a daily basis to maintain the utmost cleanliness and safety checks/maintenance of all equipment are performed on a regular basis.

Please note: We are not a childcare facility, so an adult caregiver (18 or older) is required to stay with each child and is responsible for their general supervision and safety.