The process to become an owner of The Big Backyard franchise starts with a call to us at
. We will discuss your preliminary questions and review the feasibility of a
long-term business partnership. A personal meeting may be scheduled at this time.

The steps then are as follows:

  1. Complete an application form
  2. Franchise Disclosure: As required by the Federal Trade Commission, you will be provided with the Franchise Disclosure Document. In addition, you will be asked to sign a form of Confidentiality and Noncompetition Agreement.
  3. Mutual evaluation: Spend a long weekend at the New Berlin, Wisconsin location. This is an opportunity for you to see the inner workings of the business. These days are an excellent opportunity for you to review our operation first-hand. It is also a chance forĀ us to determine whether we will both benefit from a long-term relationship.
  4. Regional territory identification
  5. Enter into a Franchise Agreement and pay franchise fee
  6. Attend training
  7. Complete construction and open for business

Next Steps
The decision to own a location of The Big Backyard involves a great deal of discussion and work. We would love to share our story with you and start this discussion today.

Call Erica or Guy at 262-797-9117 or e-mail us at


NOTE: Franchises are not available in all states. Please contact us to determine availablity in your state.